Behind the Curtain: Meet Daniel Weston

Daniel is a great candidate for a behind the curtain look at individualized coaching, because he has variables in his daily life that many people juggle. Daniel is a husband, father of two boys, and works Monday through Friday at NFU Mutual in Warwickshire, England.

Daniel and I took some time to talk about his lifestyle, goals, training background, and routine. Like all clients I start with we begin with a questionnaire (see below), so I can get a base level knowledge of what type of program I would like to put in place. This gives me the intel to be prepared for our introduction phone conference. Next, Daniel Weston and I got on the phone and chatted about some of the specifics to his training.

My initial takeaways about Daniel:

He has a substantial history in the sport of running. He has a decade of 4,000 mile years. This places Daniel in a unique postition that will help determine how we apporach his training.

He has a well developed aerobic system and the leg strength to support it at the aerobic level. This is clear with his Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) that comes in at approximately 6:05 per mile at a heart rate in the low 140s. His race experience indicates that he is very familiar with speed work, which he has routinely checked through weekend races from 10 km up to 100 km. His commute routine provides the framework for consistancy in his training.

Daniel Weston, Ph.D.

Research scientist—post-doctoral fellow—in the Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University


Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 2005, and doctorate in chemistry from Northwestern University in 2010


Graduate research with Chad Mirkin at Northwestern, and undergraduate research with Professor Wayne Gladfelter at Minnesota

Work background highlights

Behind the Curtain: Meet Daniel Weston

I work for a nanotechnology startup called AuraSense, which is working to commercialize potential therapeutics and research tools developed in Chad Mirkin’s laboratory at Northwestern. I contributed to the development of some of these platforms during my graduate career and transitioned over to the company after graduation. The most exciting aspect of working at AuraSense is that we are developing very unique and potentially powerful tools for the treatment of intractable diseases like cancer and heart disease.